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Nice Double with 2 anglers from GA! Beaufort, SC Fishing Charters

March is our first sign of spring weather and great fishing for Redfish, Speckled Sea Trout, and Flounder. What I like so much about March is how the water slowly warms up and starts to bring in more baitfish. The water also stays clear which makes for great fishing after a cold winter.

Average Temperature- 60-75 Degrees

Fly Fishing Report- I’am mostly fishing low tides during the first two weeks of March. During the low tides we are sight fishing large schools of Redfish on the shallow water mud flats from my skiff. What I love so much about low tide fishing in March is how clear the water is but also still cool enough to get the fish really schooled up. As the temperature rises so does the bait population and always seems to get the fish fired up. I’am still fishing winter style flies this time of year with a lot of baitfish/shrimp patterns in more of a natural color. I also will start to fish flood tides again towards the end of March when the water temperature gets above 65 degrees.

Light Tackle Fishing Report- Light tackle fishing in the month of March can provide a variety of different ways of targeting Redfish, Speckled Sea Trout, and Flounder. I’am mostly fishing Live baits like Mud minnows, Shrimp, or Mullet. Also using a lot of different kinds of soft plastic artificial when sight fishing during low tide. Depending on how you like to fish I can always focus our day around what you want to do. When fishing the Pathfinder I’am always fishing a falling or rising tide for the best fishing. As long as the water is moving we are catching fish!

Enjoy a few customer photos below. Give me a call or shoot me an email to book your next Fishing Charter in Beaufort or Hilton Head, SC!

-Capt. Owen Plair (843)812-3656

Fly Fishing Redfish
George with a nice low tide Redfish on the Fly! Beaufort Fly Fishing Guide
Hilton Head Fishing Charter
Young angler with a big Redfish! Beaufort, SC Fishing Guide
Fly Fishing For Redfish
Long time regular client Mike with a nice low tide fish on a cloudy day. Beaufort, SC Fly Fishing Guide

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