February Beaufort, SC Fishing Report

Beaufort, SC Fishing Charters

February here in the Lowcountry of Beaufort and Hilton Head, SC can be a challenging month of weather but one of the best times of year for shallow water sight fishing for Redfish! The month of February can be one of the coldest months of year so as a guide I’m always happy to see a sunny 60-70 degree day on the water. Fly Fishing right now is great and have mostly been fishing low tides while sight fishing big schools of Redfish in a few inches of clear water on the mud flats. There is nothing better than watching a school of Redfish fight over your fly!

Light Tackle fishing in February is also great while fishing a rising or falling tide. With the clear water we are mostly using Mud Minnows, Live Shrimp, or an assortment of soft plastic artificial on the Pathfinder with 3-4 anglers. What I love about light tackle fishing this time of year is that we are fishing larger schools of Redfish so most of the time when you hook one fish, there will be plenty more to come out of the same spot. Winter time fishing here in Beaufort and Hilton Head, SC is a great time to fish. Give me a call or shoot me an email to book your next adventure here in the Lowcountry! Enjoy a few photos from days on the water here in Beaufort and Hilton Head, SC!

Hilton Head Fly Fishing
Mike with low tide Redfish on the Fly! Beaufort Fly Fishing Guide
Beaufort, SC Fishing Charters
Return anglers from GA with a nice double on light tackle! Beaufort, SC Fishing Charters
Hilton Head Fly Fishing
Father and Son Double! Beaufort, SC Fishing Charters
Fly Fishing Lowcountry
Dianne with a big low tide Redfish on the Fly! Beaufort, SC Fly Fishing Guide
Beaufort Fly Fishing Guide
John with a nice low tide Redfish on the Fly! Beaufort, SC Fly Fishing

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